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Orgue de barbarie et limonaire Odin à flûtes et anches, mécanique et pneumatique

Specificities and glossary



Each instrument manufactured by us has a proper wind tunnel, composed of four bellows and an air reserve, maintained at a given pressure with the help of a spring:

The higher the pressure, the louder the instrument played. Flow varies depending on whether the instrument is flute (wooden pipes) or reeds. They require an important quantity of air.

The tone of the instrument is in C for flute, and A#, C or G for the reeds.

The 42 keys is the first chromatic instrument (you can use every notes of a classic music scale), musicians are interested in it because it offers many opportunities whatever the directory: popular music, art music, classic music…

It is through research and meticulous harmonization that our organs Odin © have today a sound that their own.

We care particularly the aesthetics of our instruments. Each organ is unique, with a unique style.



The term : mechanical music includes different type of instrument:

– the reeds organ with the sound of the accordion

         – the flutes organ (wooden pipe) with the sound of the flute

or barrel organs can have several music register :

– flutes only

– reed only

– the two together


Reading the perforated cardboard can be done in 2 ways:

reading a card mechanically :

Each hole releases instantly. Mechanical instructions feed air for flutes or reeds.

reading a card pneumatically:

The air conduit is operated by purses.

Mechanical reading is instantaneous, this command allows reed instrument a very frank reading of perforated cardboard, capable of playing any bridge (1).

The size of the instrument depends on the number of keys or notes: between the smaller 24 and larger, the 42, there are 27, 32 and 36.

The 27 keys has the most important musical repertoire.

We are obviously at your disposal for any request for additional information.

Emmanuel & Odile Odin


(1) Part of cardboard more or less fine between two successive holes.