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Orgue de barbarie et limonaire Odin à flûtes et anches, mécanique et pneumatique

27 keys flute type 42

After a long-standing project, we present this new Odin’s organ . This organ 27 keys, with a rounder and deeper sound, look like a 42 using the same pipes.

Indeed, there are 27 drones (1) as 27 classic but the size of flutes changing: 4 bass is dubbed the octave for better attack and full sound. On the register, you can enable or disable different types of games. Here are the possibilities:

  • 27 drones basic + 4 double basses
  • 27 drones basic + 4 double basses + 23 bass drones heavenly voice (2)
  • 27 drones basic + 4 double basses + 23 bass flutes open (acute)
  • 27 drones basic + 4 double basses + 23 bass drones heavenly voice (2) + 23 flutes open (acute)

The opening of the deck is enable in any position of the wheel. The driving roller transmission is via a chain to prevent slippage. This is a special wind tunnel with 4 bellows and air supply. Unlike other organs the excess air is not discharged through a relief valve but directly fed back to the blower. Behind a button at the end of the piece to evacuate remaining in the instrument and avoid “splash” in the bridge opening air.

Dimensions of the organ:
Length: 84cm
Width: 63cm
Height: 84cm

Dimensions of the cart without stretchers (stretchers removable)
Length: 120cm
Width: 80cm
Height: 54.5 cm

Can be stored in a hundred perforated cards 27 buttons in 4 drawers accessible from the end of the cart.

Price of the organ and cart: 18 000 € without tax

(1) drones: Clogged pipes identical to the “base”

(2) heavenly voice, quirky chord drones causes a slight beat, that’s what we call the heavenly voice